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Spring is just around the corner. Green things are beginning to wiggle their way up from deep within the earth and the sweet smell of daphne is starting to sneak its way into my walks. Daphne is the true harbringer of spring for me. It’s a completely unremarkable bush most of the year, but it’s one of the first fragrant flowers to bloom in early spring. You’ll be walking along, minding your own business, when all of a sudden you’ll smell it. You won’t know exactly where it’s coming from, but you’ll have to look around and sure enough, you’ll spot the little pink-tinged flowers blooming nearby in someone’s yard and you’ll go have a sniff. And from the first daphne sighting, it’s all downhill towards daffodils and tulips, which means fresh asparagus, peas and all those fresh spring foods we love.
For now though, in my menu planning, it’s still all about the fresh citrus. Blood oranges are in abundance and the grapefruit right now is out of this world. I took a grapefruit and took it out of its membranes, put the segments in a bowl, gave it a few drops of balsamic vinegar for sweetnes and ate it for dessert. I loved it! My husband thought it was a little strange but he’s loved it in the salads I’ve been making and he loved the cocktail I made up last night.
I used fresh blood orange juice, a shot of rum and 1/2 shot of Grand Marnier shaken over ice and served up in a martini glass. So good! The rest of the menu this week is pretty light and leaning towards spring with a prawn risotto and fish cooked in parchment. I can feel the change coming  and couldn’t bring myself to plan anything too heavy.  And I’m still working on watching that sunset at least once this week…

Monday-no cooking, at the neighbors
Tuesday-halibut cooked in parchment with couscous and sweet potato wedges with lemon grass creme fraiche
Wednesday-prawn risotto with lemon, bacon and chives served with a beet, tangerine salad
Thursday-pecan crusted chicken with a salad

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  1. That cocktail looks DEVINE! And it’s almost 5 o’clock, so maybe I should try making one? Beautiful photos, too.

    • Thanks Joy! I hope you did make that cocktail…I’ve been enjoying them all week. Blood oranges are only around for a short time…