Menu for 11/7/2011

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I’ve been so enjoying walking this fall. The leaves are coming off the trees in drips of scarlet and gold and it feels like you’re walking through clouds of color as you walk under them. My last walk was spent wondering about what I wanted to eat this week, which is why I’m mentioning walking here. So many different kinds of food and so little time. My stepson is not a lover of seafood and he’s returned to his mom’s for the week, so you’ll see two fish dishes this week to make up for it. And it’s supposed to rain this week, so some warming soup is on the menu too with hope of cozying up with a book and a warm bowl of soup for dinner.

Monday- no cooking, going to friends for dinner

Tuesday-tuna coated with coriander and lemongrass creme fraiche from last week, carrot puree and beet greens

Wednesday-friends coming for a book club-roasted beet salad (with leftover chickpeas from the weekend), filet of sole with olives, oranges and fennel, browned butter orzo and creme brulee for dessert

Thursday-red lentil soup with toasted gruyere and caramelized onion sandwiches

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