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The name says it all. Mise en place is a French term for having all the ingredients prepped (in place)before you start cooking. Although I do like this idea and try to have my mise en place ready before cooking, the truth is I’m often madly chopping away on an onion or pulling thyme leaves while something else is cooking. My choice of this name is because I embrace this philosophy in a slighter grander way. I believe in having all the ingedients you need for a week of cooking ready in your kitchen so that you can cook good food every day (well, most days).

 On Sundays, I usually pull out the cookbooks, choose the recipes I want to cook, make a list and do the shopping. This way I’m prepared to cook something I want to eat almost every night and all I have to do is come home from work and cook. If I’m inspired by a new recipe or to create a new recipe, I even get to daydream a bit about how I’m going to cook a particular dish that night.
I’m a teacher, so my food daydreams usually happen during recess and I get to eat my leftovers during lunch, a worthy reason to cook good food every night. My hope is you’ll find recipes and/or menus here that will inspire you to cook and create your own delicious meals.

Response to About mise en place

  1. Looking really great! the pics are beautiful… I’m excited to see more! As someone who has benefited from lots of those weekly meals I cant wait for whats to come!

  2. Wow, Margretta, this is fantastic! I already knew you were inspirational with your profession, but I had no idea of your prowess in the the kitchen! Looking forward to more entries and you’re now on my “favorites” to follow!

    • Hi Paula!
      I do have a subscribe button on the site, it was just too low to see under all the recipes. We moved it up, so it’s easier to see. Glad to know you’re still reading!

  3. I was looking for a hazelnut crusted salmon recipe after eating at a restaurant that had it. I loved their take on it until I found yours. I just cooked it last night and I’d have to say that it was so GOOD and so much better than at the restaurant! I am not much of a cook but I wanted to learn how to create great dishes before the year is out. I love your recipes and I look forward to trying many more things. Thank you! :)

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