a word about baking cakes…

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I’m busily typing in the recipes for the coconut cake I spent a good portion of my¬†Sunday making and I realized I needed to say a word or two about baking cakes. I realized this because since I was willing to spend a good portion of my precious weekend baking one, it must be a worthy thing to do, at least for me. There is something special about baking a cake. It takes more effort and time than cookies or a tart and the effort adds to the specialness. I happened to be making this cake for a friend’s birthday and we celebrated it at my next door neighbor’s house tonight. Her son had come by a few times to visit while I was baking and she told me every time he came home he had said how good it smelled at our house. And it’s true. The coconut had been toasting, the cake had been baking and lemon and butter had been cooking; the scents had filled our house in a satisfying way, making my child-self most happy. I’m pleased to have been able to share these comforts with another small person and given him some sweet memories to take on his way.


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