Women’s March 2017

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Ok, so this has nothing to do with food. Perhaps I need to broaden my definition of having things in place. We might need to have many things in place to combat the issues that are likely coming our way in the next years with this new president we find ourselves with.
Today I’m home, unable to join the march because I’m too sick to go. I could have rallied, but then likely have been too sick to be with my students next week. So I’ve been watching the news and a Twitter comment is what I’m writing about here. It was on CNN as I was watching for news of the March, because I DO NOT Twitter. One of Trump’s cronies said of the March that he didn’t understand why the women were marching as they already have equal rights and equal pay…”what do they want now, free mani/pedis?” Honestly, as if millions of women would come together for such nonsense. But of course, his intention is to degrade us.
So let me think for a moment about that equal pay statement. What comes to mind is the fact that my husband, who’s in the tech industry just got hired for a job with a much higher salary than I’ll ever see as an educator,even though I have more formal education than he does and as many years working in my field as he does in his. Hmmm…I’ve told myself in the past that he works with budgets and has to make decisions that can have a huge effect on the bottom line of corporate earnings. But then, if you asked most people what is the most important thing in their lives, would they say their salaries or their children? I have over 50 children in my care every day, what could be more important than that?
However, what gender makes up the ranks of teachers? In our country, it’s women.
Here we are, us women (and yes, some men) taking care of the most important things in our country. Making decisions about their education, health and welfare every day, yet we aren’t compensated nearly at the same rates as those who work with computer code every day. I mean absolutely no disrespect to any of those men and the few women who do that work; my husband works hard and earns what he gets. However, I think this is where the equal pay argument is flawed. Until we put the same value on the professions dominated by women, those that tend to involve caring for people, as we do for creating corporate profit, it’s never going to be equal.

Ok, so why am I writing this? It’s not likely our current president gives a care about us, so we need to value ourselves. All you teachers, nurses, underpaid caregivers out there, honor yourselves and each other. Know that what we do IS the most important thing in the world. Take care of yourselves and each other. Stand up, rise up for each other in the days to come. We’re going to need to be strong for ourselves and each other to keep being loving, peaceful and hopeful in the face of the nonsense twittering around out there. Don’t believe any of it. Don’t let the hate activate hate in you. Believe in yourselves and believe in each other.

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