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All my romantic notions of spring actually arriving here in the Pacific Northwest have been dashed to the ground by days of endless rain. We actually had snow yesterday! It didn’t stick, but still…they say that March comes in like a lion and leaves like a lamb and I’m hoping “they” are right this time. All the indoor time this weekend has inspired me to try a few recipes from my new cookbook, Thomas Keller’s The French Laundry. I have to admit, he’s a little intimidating. But I love his philosophies on food-the idea that it’s ok to take time to make a meal and that we should relish the little things about cooking, like cutting the carrots. I really hate to cook in a hurry, so this affirms my desire to slow down and take my time. Of course, in truth, I rarely have that time, but I can dare to dream.
Today, I’m taking on a few of his appetizers, which are pictured above and making his agnolotti, which he says is from the Piedmont region of Italy and is a version of ravioli. We’ll see how it goes. The rest of the week will be a bit simpler and more sane cooking for weeknight meals.

Later: ok, so I’ve made a new rule, only one recipe from Keller in a sitting. After most of the day, I had one appetizer done and the agnolotti with sauce ready for dinner by 8:00. Crazy! which is why I’m not posting the recipes here. It would just take too long. I was a little frustrated with some of the directions, especially for the agnolotti, but in the end, even though my sauce broke, it was completely delicious. If you ever decide to take on agnolotti, please write and I’ll tell you what I figured out you need to add to his directions. But otherwise, please enjoy some more sane cooking for this week! And if we’re lucky, some sunshine since the first day of spring is coming…

Sunday-The French Laundry appetizer and agnolotti
Monday-no cooking, off to the neighbor’s
Tuesday-BLT pasta (bacon, spinach and tomato)
Wednesday-orange glazed salmon
Thursday-pecan-crusted chicken


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