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Ahhhh, Sunday. Time to relax and get ready for the week, a day of mixed feelings for those two reasons. I was away last week because we had a week off of school, so I went to the seaside for a few days. It’s pretty quiet there during the winter months, which was exactly what I was looking for. Three days of just me and my little dog with lots of reading and walking on the beach. No one else’s needs or wants to worry about which also meant I got to eat lots of raw oysters and fresh clams. No one else in my family really likes these, so I got to go wild. I go to a little seafood market in the historic town of Oysterville. It’s right on the water and the smell of the sea hits you as you get out of your car, so you know the oysters and clams couldn’t be fresher. I won’t admit how many I ate, but they were delicious. Now I’m back home and perusing what I have in the fridge that needs to be used up this week. My boys went crazy on buying roasted chicken and I ended up with a stomach bug when I got back, so it’s chicken soup for us tonight. That’s when homemade chicken stock comes in handy. I’m just taking some out of the freezer, sauteing some vegetables and then adding the meat off one of the roast chickens and we have a healthy dinner which my weak stomach can handle. The other part of part of my trip I really appreciated was making time to watch the sun go down every day. I poured myself a glass of wine, sat down and watched the day transition into night. I’m going to try to make that happen again this week, at least once. So, I’m putting that on the menu too. Maybe you’ll be able to join me…

Sunday- chicken soup
Monday-no cooking, but watching the sun go down
Tuesday-smoky frittata and prosciutto pear salad
Wednesday-pistachio soup with chicken, mozzarella paninis
Thursday-sausage, pesto pasta with a citrus salad

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