Menu 2/13/2012

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chicken bolognese
Did I mention we have a lot of family and friends’ birthdays in February? Did I also mention that when you like to cook, people often ask you to cook for them? Especially when it’s their birthday? And they like cake? This means that I’ve spent a lot of weekend time lately baking. I’m not complaining; I’m quite honestly honored and flattered when people request baked things from me. It just means that this week, I was feeling a little lazy about my menu. Some weeks are like that, but you still need to eat. So, I went with a few easy dishes I’ve cooked before, but at least  I got it done. So here you go. Happy cooking this Valentine’s Week!

Monday-No cooking, we had a guest chef whose recipe may be coming later if I can talk her into it.
Tuesday-Green curry chicken with brown rice and broccolini
Wednesday-Sausage and white bean soup and a beet salad
Thursday-Pasta bolognese with Caesar salad

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