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Valentine’s Day is on its way! We have lots of February birthdays around here so we don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day in a big way by mutual consent, but it did get me thinking of some nice 2 person meals that I’d like to share with you this week in case you’re in planning mode for next Tuesday. There are two here that I think would be nice for a Valentine’s Day dinner and I’m actually thinking ahead enough to post them this week so any readers out there could prepare. One of them is prawns Marsala, which is a fresh, exotic¬†and fairly quick meal that would be easy to make after a busy day, but still special enough to make someone feel loved. The other one is if you want to get your cooking groove on and have some time. It’s oefs en meurette. What could be sexier than French food on Valentine’s Day? And it involves red wine, bacon and mushrooms, mmmmm. And poached eggs. Am I the only one who thinks poached eggs are sexy? Maybe, but they really are. So follow along this week and hopefully you’ll find one of these inspires you to cook for your sweetie on Tuesday. There, I’ve done my part, now the candles are up to you.

Monday-I hosted for the neighbors so cooked for lots which means I doubled all these recipes except the tart-chicken marbella, orzo, sweet potatoes with bacon and huckleberry-creme fraiche tart
Tuesday-prawns masala and rice
Wednesday- Off to book club, so no cooking for me
Thursday-oefs en meurette with roasted potatoes


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  1. Oh you make my life so much easier…..big thanks! Also, in case you haven’t seen this blog ( I think you will love it… assured I think you are in the same league – you do something different then other food blogs…

    Cheers! Happy Valentine’s Day

    • Thank you for the note and I did love that blog! Absolutely beautiful photos and I’m quite honored that you consider us in the same league. Happy Valentine’s Day to you as well.