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Last night I went with 8 other friends to a cooking class at the Boat Street Cafe¬†with chef Susan Kaplan. She was a gifted teacher and the food was magnificent. When asked at the end of the class which of the several dishes was my favorite, I had a really difficult time choosing just one! My only regret is that I foolishly forgot to take ANY photos of anything. All the recipes were simple, yet yielded amazing flavor, so I will be making a few this week and hope I can duplicate them at home. The other exciting thing for me this week is that since I did my shopping on Monday, which is a holiday for my teacher self, I got duck eggs from the PCC. I had read in their newsletter that they had them, but they didn’t stay on the shelf long, so when I was there I asked about them. It turned out they were in the middle of the delivery as I asked and I was able to get 1 of the only 3 dozen they deliver on Mondays and Thursdays. I was told they’re usually gone by the end of the day, so I felt quite lucky to get them. We’ll see if the rest of the household feels the same way as now we’ll be eating duck eggs as main courses a couple of times this week! My other favorite ingredient this week is kale. It’s the main ingredient in one of my favorite recipes from the Boat Street cooking class and in a new risotto recipe I got from my neighbor and am excited to try.

Monday-Italian sausage pasta and kale gratin (from the Boat Street Cafe recipes)
Tuesday-fish in parchment with sauteed greens and roasted carrots (fish recipe from the Boat Street)
Wednesday-poached duck eggs and escarole with couscous
Thursday-kale, walnut and pancetta risotto
Friday-duck eggs with mushrooms and polenta (Didn’t end up making this one due to being snowed in and snacking all day)


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  1. I love the Boat Street Cafe! Lucky you to get a few lessons from Susan Kaplan. Thanks for the weekly menu….I definitely need someone else to tell me what to cook.

    • I’m so happy to share! Although, my plans changed this week because of all the snow! I ended up baking cookies and bread instead of cooking dinner. But I did make the Boat Street recipes and will be posting those tomorrow. Stay warm!