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French chicken in a pot with broccolini


This menu posting is really late because of two things. One is that I did a 5 course dinner for 6 people on Saturday night (see “Saturday night with friends” posting) and was completely exhausted on Sunday and the other was that my husband is out of town until Wednesday, so my cooking slowed down a bit since I only have to cook for one. But, I am still cooking, which shows me either how insane I am or how much I love food. You can be the judge. I have enough leftovers in there and eggs to cook that I don’t have to do anything fancy, but what do I do? I cook a whole chicken on Sunday with potatoes and carrots because as I walked my dog in the cold, cold weather, I couldn’t stop thinking about eating that chicken. That was Sunday and I made the French chicken in a pot that is just delicious enough and just easy enough to get me back in the kitchen after my 12 hour day there on Saturday. (And since I was only cooking for one, I knew it would be lunch for me for the next few days as well, even more motivation to put in the effort. I do love my lunches). I also made turkey stock out of my leftover Thanksgiving turkey carcass and soaked beans for soup on Tuesday. You don’t have to be that crazy. All the recipes I listed this week can be made without this extra work, but I can’t seem to help myself.

Sunday- French chicken in a pot with roasted potatoes and carrots
Monday-no cooking, just cooking beans for tomorrow night’s soup
Tuesday-Turkey and butternut squash soup-just in case you haven’t filled your turkey craving yet or have leftover turkey to use up
Wednesday-leftover soup with mozzarella, sun-dried tomato paninis
Thursday-chicken saltimbocca with tagliatelle with spinach, Parmesan and cream

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  1. Hi, Margretta – I love following your posts and was actually wondering what you were eating this week. Nice to see your latest post last night. I hope you took pictures at the five course meal!

    I made soup for dinner last night and included a link to your easy chicken stock recipe in my post.

    I’m too lazy to make stock from scratch, so it was nice to be able to refer people to your great recipe! Thanks, Mary

  2. I loved that soup recipe! And I have lots of pictures of the food I made for the 5 courser on the Saturday night with friends posting where I made a trial run of all the dishes. So much cooking!