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It’s the Sunday after Thanksgiving and I enjoyed my last turkey sandwich today. There’s nothing like the turkey sandwiches you get with the leftover Thanksgiving turkey. I’m sure each of you has your own special way of making that sandwich, but mine involves lots of mayonnaise, sometimes a little lettuce, but the mayonnaise is key.  And the other guilty pleasure I have is nibbling the meat off the turkey while I’m making my sandwich…especially the skin and the fatty areas. I hide my greasy fingers if anyone else comes into the kitchen while I’m doing this and pretend I’m only eating the breast meat, as any responsible person my age should. Ok, so I licked my fingers without anyone around to scold me, sat down to enjoy that last sandwich, and thought about what I wanted to eat to this week. It got a little hard planning for the week because I really didn’t want to eat any more bird, which is one of the only meats we eat around here, so that left lamb.  I had a new recipe I wanted to try for that, but it wasn’t a quick one, so it ended up being our Sunday night dinner. And since we’ve been eating leftovers for a few days, I don’t mind spending a little extra time cooking today. My other goal for the week was to empty out all the containers taking up space in my fridge-leftover polenta, leftover brussel sprouts, leftover cranberry sauce and leftover stuffing. I came up with ideas for it all, except the stuffing. There doesn’t seem to be much you can do with stuffing except eat it as stuffing, so I guess I’ll be stuffing myself with stuffing for lunch until it’s gone (and how many times can you say stuffing in one sentence?).  So here goes with the menu to use up the leftovers, (you’ll notice there’s no turkey on this…see above about the sandwiches and the snacking!)

Sunday-braised lamb with figs and red wine, leftover polenta, leftover brussel sprouts
Monday-no cooking, dinner at neighbors
Tuesday- pasta with leftover cranberries, sausage and kale, Caesar salad
Wednesday-smoky cheese frittata with cauliflower, salad with pomegranates, dates, and chevre
Thursday-sweet potato cakes, greens with chana dal

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  1. Yum – my addition to the turkey, lettuce and mayo in the sandwich is stuffing – and a little cranberry.