Quince liqueur

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This is a very special drink from the very old Joy of Cooking by Irma Rombauer. The recipe is huge, so I always find some willing friends to make it with so we can all share the process and the proceeds. I pull my jug of this out at special times like dinner parties or the holidays and it makes a nice after dinner treat. It’s not too sweet and quite unique.

Quince liqueur in a shot glass


Quinces-wash and cored, then put through a food grinder or finely minced
Add to 4 quarts ground quince:

3 gallons rye whisky
1 oz cardamon seed
1/2 oz mace
1 oz anise seed
1/2 vanilla bean
1 oz broken nutmeg

Place these ingredients for 3 weeks in a stone jar (or glass) with a tight cover.  Stir them frequently.  Strain them through fine cheesecloth.
Make a rich syrup of:

10 lbs granulated sugar
7 pints water
Let cool, then add to the liqueur.  Bottle and seal it. I’ve kept my bottles as long as 6 years, but you can drink it after it’s aged about a month. Can be a good holiday gift in a pretty bottle.



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