Menu for 10/30/2011

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I want to tell you how absolutely wonderful mushroom hunting is, but then again, I don’t want you out there competing with me for those golden drops of sunshine and rain we know as chanterelles. So, it’s not beautiful out there on a fall day searching amongst the leaves for chanterelles. It’s not like you just won the lottery when after wandering aimlessy, climbing over logs and getting devil’s club stuck in your hair, you look over and see a big patch of them nestled among the moss. The trees don’t glow with the last bits of  sunlight as you pick your way out of the forest with your bag of mushrooms weighing heavily on your arm and you don’t spend your drive home fantasizing about how  you’re going to fry them in lots of butter and herbs.

I will have a recipe for chanterelles in my menu, because if you’re a sensible person who doesn’t want to go roaming in the woods for your dinner, they do have them on sale now at the PCC (Puget Consumer’s Cooperative). Probably for less than it cost me in gas to get mine!

This romanesco wasn’t on my menu to begin with, but it was so totally cool, we had to eat it. And the turnips in the back were too lovely too pass on as well. Lots of beautiful produce out there right now!

Menu for October 30

Monday- Kabocha squash with tomatoes and chicken Italian sausage, served over brown rice with sauteed chanterelles on the side. (And a bottle of Prosecco which happened to be on sale to drink with my neighbor while we give out candy, yum)

Tuesday- Chicken breasts all vendemmia (which is a sauce with shallots, rosemary and freshly squeezed red grape juice) with smashed potatoes and parsnips and the beautiful romanesco you see above

Wednesday- Spinach and swiss cheese quiche, turnips and a fig chevre salad

Thursday- More mushrooms (some from the store and the rest of the chanterelles and angel wings that I found) with Tallegio, Parmesan and truffle oil over polenta, roasted sweet potato wedges and a salad with pomegranate seeds and pears


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  1. Your description of your chanterelle excursion reads like beautiful prose!
    Thursday’s dinner has me salivating.